3 Hail Marys

The virgin promissed to Saint Matilde and other saints that who prays daily three 3 Hail Marys, they will have help during their whole life and especial assistance at the time of their death, making appearance to that person in their final hour of life, with such of shinest beatiful, and they will be consoled just to see her, and she will join us the heaven’s happinest.



“Holy Mother; lead us not into deadly sins ”

For the power that Holy Father gave you.
1.-) ¡Hail Mary!

For the wisdom that Jesus gave you.
2.-) ¡Hail Mary!

For the love that Holy Ghost gave you.
3.-) ¡ Hail Mary! … we will end with ¡GLORY FATHER… (Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Ghost, as it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.)

The follow Prayer was indulgenced for San Pío X, and he recommended to pray with this devotion: ¡Oh Mary, for your immaculated conception, purify my body and sanctify my soul!

The Hail Mary
Hail Mary; full of grace; The Lord is with thee; blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

The Hail Mary in the Bible: The Hail Mary in her first part, is the greeting from the Guardian Angel Gabriel who said to the Holy Mother of God, Mary Immaculated and the exclamation full of Holy Ghost, pronounced to Saint Isabel her cousin; (Lucas chapter 1 versicle 26 to versicle 56) where we read the announcement and the visit from God’s Mother Mary Immaculated to her cousin Saint Isabel (in the Bible latinamerican there is an excellent explanation for all of this versicles), While the second part from Hail Mary is a request that we christians do “which pray for us sinners…” as she had always done, for example in Cana weddings, she said «do what my son says»


With the pray of the three 3 Hail Marys the Virgin said that we venerate her relation with God and so we help her to be grateful with God, for the privileges Holy Father gave her (Power, Wise, Love, so that it was revealed to Saint Gertrudis:"After the Power from the Father, the Wise from her Son, and the love and Tenderness mercy from Holy Ghost, nothing bring near the Power, Wise and Tenderness mercy from Mary"), Holy Mary is our Mother, how many glad, she is the Queen from Heaven, Mother of God also our Mother because Jesus Crist wanned so (Juan:19.25-27) every time we do the greeting with this three Hail Marys “words that comes from God (look above for explanation from Hail Marys)” also we are saying that Power, Wise and Love, which God had given to her (remind us that, more than her, only God) and she use these words in our help.

The Virgin invite us to pray: “The devotion from the three Hail Marys always was very grateful… Dont stop to pray it every day you will have proof of it efficiency…”


Holy Mary, said to Saint Gertrudis:
“Who venerate her relation with Father Almighty, will experience the power that was comunicated to her, for God omnipotent as Mother of God; will admire the ingenious way that inspire the wise from her Son for men’s save, and will contemplate the charity brithen in her hearth by Holy Ghost. In one time ago Holy Mary said to this Saint, mentioning this for all the diary prayers who always request the power, the wise and the love that were given to her for the Father Almighty: “ at your death time I will show to you with so shinest and beauty and my sight will consolate you, and I will let you know the joy heavenly”. (Book: El Heraldo Divino).

According to the apostle from the Father Almighty (the blessed Diego Cadiz who lived in the century XVIII) God’s Mother revealed:
“One of the more pleasant devotions that we can offer, is helping her to give thanks to Father Almight for the power received, to enrich her with the wise from her Son and with the charity given to her by Holy Ghost.

When one day Sor Mary Villani, regilious Dominica century XVI, prayed
the three Hail Marys, she listened from Holy Mary’s lips these wonderful words:
“Not only will reach the Grace requested, but in life and death I promise to be your Special Protecter and the Protecter from all peaple like you who practice this Dvotion”.

All mother’s primises were taken from the book: LOS ASOMBROSOS FRUTOS DE UNA SENCILLA DEVOCION (The three Hail Marys devotion) printed in el Salvador for HISPASA for the association International Mary Queen of Peace.


In general it takes one minute (60 seconds) to complete the pray of three Hail Marys, taking time with the chronometer in hand and praying in a normal way I had take 1.09 minutes (69 seconds) average after 4 times taking chance to enjoy every Hail Mary a little more slowly the average is 1.44 minutes (104 seconds), three times chonometered.

So lucky, so happy for all who practice this devotion, because we can win God’s Mother to visit us, in our death time, even God let us live 1,000,000 years in this world; and if we practice this devotion 2,555,000,000.00 times prayed all our life days, 7 times daily, we will have to repeat with Saint Isabel who is filled with the Holy Ghost, she says; How do I deserve to come to the Mother of God?

Yes, Thanks Mother for your goodness and for this gift, OH Heaven’s Queen, you are so near from God, that even the most high rank of cherubim can’t compare to you, because more than you, only God. And you come in our help, just receiving 60 seconds, praying with our fidelity daily we help you Holy Mary in giving thanks to Father Almighty.

My Testimony
A friend of my told me about a dream he had; he told me that he saw a pretty child sitted in a bed, and his first reaction was to give him a kiss, but in that time a hand took appart from him. When he told me this I decided to give one stamp to Child Jesus, so one day I when to look for it and I found with one image (which is in this site), I bought it, after living, I read what is had written, it was a promise from Holy Mary.
When I was reading this promise I felt a strange feeling in my heart, I have no words to describe that feeling, but I always compare this with the greeting that cousin Isabel give to the Virgin (Lucas Chapter 1,versicle 39), I believe it was a gift that Holy Mary gave me, because of this I decided to practice the devotion; until this time I keep on doing so. I want you to become animated to pray the three Hail Marys, to give special greeting to God’s Mother daily, I want you to think and realize that Holy Mary never stop to answer our greeting every time, what happen when she does a greeting to us? We fill with Holy Ghost, remember the greeting Saint Isabel did to God’s Mother. Also I recomend with all my heat The Devotion from Divine Mercy.

Holy Ghost: Espiritu Santo
Father Almighty: Dios Todopoderoso
mercy: misericordia
glad: alegria, contento
grateful: grata
proof: prueba
solance: consolar
compare: comparar
rank: rango
cherubim: querubín
goodness: bondad
deserve: merecer
chronometer: cronometro
peace: paz
reach: alcance
grace: gracia

Traducion del español como regalo a la Reina del cielo, nuestra Madre Maria Inmaculada madre de Dios por: Gladis S. Limas

si usted tiene mayores conocimientos del idioma ingles y tiene tiempo de revisar exaustivamente la traduccion del español puede leer el texto original de las tres avemarias aqui

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